School extracurriculars prepare for heat dangers

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The following was submitted by KFOR at on Thursday, July 28.

At 10:30 a.m. Thursday the Guthrie High School marching band was practicing for the upcoming year. It’s wasn’t quite 100 degrees yet, but it quickly became miserably hot.

“You have the sweat dripping in your eyes, down your back,” Necole Rose said. “You have people around, maybe about to faint, (turning) different colors you know?”

“Sometimes you get a breeze,” Jovanna Ortega said. “But a lot of times it’s really hot and you’re tired and you’re sweaty and you feel like it’s never going to end, but it’s worth it.”

There is one lesson learned here that has nothing to do with marching or music; drink water before, during and after practice.

“It’s probably the most important thing we do out here,” Cody Rays said. “You have to stay hydrated just to keep the heat off of you.”

It’s a lesson that Guthrie High School band director Rob Blackburn can’t emphasize enough.

“If they don’t start drinking water the night before they come out, then they’re never going to get hydrated,” he said.


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