State rests in Coyle school teacher trial case

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After two and a half days, the state of Oklahoma rested their case after calling several witnesses in the case against a Coyle school teacher.

On Monday, the defense called their first four witnesses, including students, a teacher and a preacher.

Before the state rested, they called one of three alleged victims to the stand that have made claims of their teacher and coach Stacey Brewer either exposing himself or touching them improperly.

The third victim to be called on testified Brewer touched her leg while giving her and another student a test in the coaches office. The victim also alleged that Brewer touched her breast while doing “crunches” in the gym along with unzipping his pants and exposing himself.

The victim and another witness, who both took the test at the same time in the coaches office, had contradicting stories as to where each was sitting while taking the tests.

A Coyle school teacher testified that she has been “leery” since the arrest of Brewer after she testified a student made the claim that he could get her “in trouble”. The teacher also stated that other kids in the school said that one of the victims is looking for attention.

The defense called upon a pastor, who was a preacher in the small community for six years, and testified that Brewer was a nice man.

“He is a nicer guy than I am and I am in the nice guy business,” the pastor said who no longer lives in Coyle. The pastor made it clear, that Brewer never did attend his church but that him and Brewer did golf and dine together at times.

The preacher went on to say that the first victim to come forward, along with her boyfriend at the time, came to church that Wednesday evening and neither needed counseling.

The trial was expected to go two weeks, but has progressed quicker than expected.

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