Teachers to lose 12 million in bonuses this year

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State Superintendent Janet Barresi cast the tie-breaking vote, on Thursday, that will cut several popular state programs, including 12 million in teacher bonuses, to approve the upcoming budget that begins July 1st.

The vote was dead locked at 3-3 before Barresi, who led the development, cast her vote. Barresi said she had to cut $100 million (more than 4%) of the budget for statewide education enhancement programs because of Oklahoma’s ongoing state budget woes.

According to The Oklahoman, other cuts include $2.3 million in adult education programs, about $1 million in Advanced Placement test incentives for schools whose students passed the college-credit earning exams, certain programs for alternative education, $50,000 for the charter school incentive fund, $2.5 million for middle school mathematics laboratories, and a number of teacher development programs totaling about $7 million.

The $401 million activities budget includes full funding for health benefits for teachers and support staff and for state payments into the Teachers’ Retirement System of Oklahoma.

Districts are encouraged to provide National Board-certified teachers, but the state will not be providing a bonus.


5 Comments on "Teachers to lose 12 million in bonuses this year"

  1. How can Janet Barresi call herself a supporter of public education? I don’t care if a “jackrabbit” runs against her when her term is up……I will be out campaigning with all my heart against her! Shame on you Barresi!

  2. Exactly what ‘funds’ does she expect the district to take money out of? The funds to purchase text books, hire more teachers, THERE ARE NO FUNDS!!!

  3. Treva Parrish | June 23, 2011 at 5:31 pm | Reply

    I didn’t vote for her this time. I won’t be voting for her next time.

  4. It is really sad that cuts like this are being made. Nationally certified teachers work very hard for that title and have earned the additional pay. Oklahoma teacher pay is well below the national average as it is. Oklahoma teachers starting salary is the 18th lowest salary in the country. Texas has the 16th highest, Colorado has the 12th highest, and we are in the bottom 20. (ref:http://teacherportal.com/teacher-salaries-by-state) Oklahoma ranks 19th in highest graduation rates at 75% (national average is 70%) and our teachers deserve to be paid for keeping our students in school.

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