Thank you! I will always remember!

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On November 14, I will take the oath of office for the next term of the Legislature. I have now served six years as your State Representative and I am at the halfway point of the time I am allowed to serve under Oklahoma’s term limits laws. In reflecting on the past six years, I want you to know that I have not taken for granted the kindness provided by House District 31 residents.

State Represenative Jason Murphey

When I came by your house seeking your vote, you allowed me the time to talk about why I was running for office even though it was a hot summer afternoon. You shared your views and provided great insights for the reforms and changes that needed to be enacted. You made a conscious decision to support me based on this interaction, and I take that very seriously.

You stayed true to this support by treating my wife, family and supporters with friendship and encouragement when they visited your home to ask for your vote on my behalf even though it was perhaps the fifth time that year someone from a campaign visited your house. Your kindness to my beautiful wife is perhaps the most appreciated of all. Especially during the 2006 election cycle, when the odds were absolutely stacked against our campaign, she made hundreds (if not thousands) of door-to-door visits. She made sure to tell me the stories of your kindness and support. Thank you!

You let me put that sign in your yard, knowing full well that it might draw the wrath of the neighbor down the street.

You stayed firm in your support even when confronted with libelous political attacks and dishonest coffee shop rumors. You took the time to see through the dishonesty, even though this may have required researching the facts.

Your $10, $25 and $50 contributions always provided what I needed to get my campaign message out without ever having to take the lobbyist money that traps and imprisons so many elected officials. In doing so, you allowed me to work as your State Representative without having to worry about what the lobbyists who fill the House gallery think about my votes.

You have taken the time to read my weekly emails or their newspaper article counterparts even though they were often a bit nuanced and technical. Your kind words of feedback and constructive suggestions in response to these articles provided encouragement and helpful ideas for the future.

You have let me know that you are praying for me. I absolutely believe these prayers are responsible for the policy successes that I have been honored to take part in.

I never plan to forget those interactions. Whenever I take action as your State Representative, I always keep those memories close at hand. I don’t care what politicians think, what the special interests say, or what happens at the next election. I only know that I must follow through with representing the principles that we share and that I made a commitment to you to represent. I must only bring honor to those who have provided this trust. It has never been forgotten — and it never will be.

Thank you for reading this article. Your interest and input are much appreciated. Please do not hesitate to email with your thoughts and suggestions.


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