Update: OSDH removes COVID death from Logan County

Updated on August 6, 2020 — Rob Crissinger, Manager of The Oklahoma State Department of Health’s media relations says the case was incorrectly entered on Wednesday.

Here is the full statement:

“There was a case identified Wednesday morning while we were working on our report, where the investigator noted that the case was living in a long-term care facility Oklahoma county, but the investigator did not correct the case’s address (Logan County) to reflect that. The daily report we sent out on Wednesday morning reflected that updated address and had the correct death counts for Logan County (1) and Oklahoma County (108).”

Updated on August 6, 2020 — A day after reporting a second COVID death in Logan County, the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) has rescinded the number of related deaths back to one for the county.

Guthrie News Page has reached out to OSDH on the reasoning on the retraction, but as of early Thursday afternoon have not heard back from the state department.

Logan County currently stands at 198 cases, 161 recoveries and one death, according to the latest information released on Thursday.

Governor Kevin Stitt stated since June 1 when the state opened back up, the state’s recovery rate from COVID is 99.3%.

A total of 593 Oklahoman’s have died from the virus.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) reported the second COVID-related death in Logan County with the latest information on Wednesday.

The state agency reports the death in the 73034 zip code area, which is in the southern, central portion of the county.

No additional details (age, sex) were made available Wednesday morning.

The first death in the county, reported on April 29, was also from the same zip code.

The overall COVID numbers for the county currently stands at 196 cases with 159 recoveries, which leaves 35 active, confirmed cases.

County Breakdown as of August 5, 2020:

Guthrie — 111 total cases — 95 recoveries — 16 active cases
Crescent — 9 total cases — 9 recoveries — 0 active cases
Mulhall — 3 total cases — 3 recoveries — 0 active cases
Langston — 3 total cases — 3 recoveries — 0 active cases
Unincorporated Areas — 70 total cases — 49 recoveries — 19 active cases


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  1. Why’s the Okla Department of health showing 188 cases for the 2nd day & you say 196? Someone is not reporting accurately. Is Guthrie still testing or have they stopped that again?

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