WATCH: Jesse McCracken retires after 55 years of service

With over 55 years of dedicated service, Jesse McCracken is officially retired from law enforcement. He was honored on Thursday from family, friends and fellow law enforcement officers.

“217 County — I’ll be 10-7,” McCracken said on his police radio one final time. 217 referees to his badge number and 10-7 is the radio code for out of service.

McCracken started his time in the Navy and continued on with the Guthrie Police Department, Federal Marshals, Logan County Sheriff’s Office and for the final seven years with the Logan County Treasurer’s Office.

“Thank you for your service,” the dispatcher said over the radio. “Thank you for your humor, friendship, guidance and encouragement to everyone over the years. You have always willing to be go the extra mile to help. Your compassion and servant heart is something we will always admire and set the example for others to follow. You have paved the way. Now go on and enjoy your retirement. You have earned it.”

Many stopped by the Logan County Courthouse to thank the officer and wished him a happy retirement.


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