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Oklahoma state government will become more efficient and transparent as a result of a series of recently approved legislation. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has signed a number of government modernization initiatives originating from the House Government Modernization Committee.


Among other successes, the proposals consolidated duplicative state boards, implemented state employee health insurance reforms estimated to save in excess of 40 million dollars by fiscal year 2015, established performance metrics to enable policy makers and the public to monitor the performance of state agencies and created one of the nation’s most aggressive open source technology purchasing mandates.

13 individual modernization initiatives have been identified as winning approval of the House Modernization Committee and eventually being signed into law by Governor Fallin. In all 37 modernization proposals were approved during the 53rd Legislature. A comprehensive list of the proposals approved this year can be found online at the web address hd31.org/321.

Legislators sponsoring modernization proposals during this session include House Speaker Kris Steele, Representatives Brumbaugh, Derby, Moore, Murphey, Ritze and Stiles and Senators Breechen, Brinkley, David, Holt, Jolley and Treat.

“Government modernization is a bedrock component of conservative governance,” said Steele, R-Shawnee. “It’s all about making government efficiency the norm rather than the exception. Under the leadership of Chairman Jason Murphey, government modernization has become one of the crowning achievements of the 53rd Legislature. Piece by piece, we’re building a government that is leaner, more effective and more efficient than ever before.”

Murphey predicts that legislators will endeavor to launch an even more aggressive modernization effort during the upcoming legislative session.

“The effort to modernize state government is just coming of age,” Murphey declared. “A growing number of legislators are committing themselves to not just supporting this type of legislation but are authoring and advocating for modernization initiatives.”

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