Woman suspected of requesting four people to kill her ex-boyfriend

A Langston University student sits behind bars in the Logan County Jail after she reportedly admitted to speaking with four individuals to carry out a murder for hire on her ex-boyfriend.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI) and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) began investigating the case on August 22 after it was determined a man was asked to kill someone.

A male says he was looking for a female companion on the website Plenty of Fish when he began having a conversation with a female. In July 2018, the female asked the man if he would kill her ex-boyfriend who lives in Missouri.

On Tuesday, investigators spoke with the female identified as 20-year-old Avalone Fishback.

Fishback, reportedly, admitted to investigators she had solicited the man to kill her ex-boyfriend after she was presented with a print out of the online conversation.

She later confessed to investigators she had previously spoken to another individual on Plenty of Fish about carrying out the same plan. Fishback says the man asked for $1,000 to shoot and dump the body, but later decided against the plan due to a pending criminal case.

Approximately a month ago, Fishback said she contacted a third person via snap chat and telephone and talked about traveling to Missouri together and killing her ex-boyfriend.

Fishback, reportedly, talked to a fourth person on September 28 and offered $600 to make the kill, which that person agreed to go through with the plan.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Fishback stated she wanted the ex-boyfriend dead because he had betrayed her, lied to her mother and broke off their relationship.

When asked by the investigator if one of the men had followed through with the plot how would she feel? She said she would be happy.

Fishback has been charged with solicitation of murder in the first degree and has been given a $150,000 bond. She’s expected to be formally arraigned as early as Thursday in Logan County.


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