Young students wander away from school; both found unharmed

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Two prekindergarten students are safe after giving their families and school officials a scare on Thursday afternoon when they wandered off school grounds at Cotteral Elementary.

At about 2:15 p.m., school personnel realized two girl students were not in their classroom and immediately locked down all other classrooms in the building and the search was on.

The school quickly contacted the parents of students, the Guthrie Police Department and school administration.

The children were found around 30 minutes later a few blocks from the school and were returned back to the school.

In a news release, Superintendent Mike Simpson said this situation was scary and is thankful the students were spotted quickly, but says an investigation will be conducted.

“We will conduct an investigation and make any necessary modifications to our practices at Cotteral Elementary to insure the highest level of safety for our students.”

2 Comments on "Young students wander away from school; both found unharmed"

  1. This is not surprising. Do they still put students in the hall unsupervised as punishment?

  2. As pre-k students were they in the quad? Scary since I have a student in pre-k. How long we’re the girls missing before any one noticed?

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