Adoptions down after tornado takes animal shelter

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Story submitted by Kim Querry on on Wednesday, July 6th.

Six weeks ago, Mother Nature turned lives upside down. Numerous tornadoes plowed across the state destroying lives, homes and businesses. In the path, the Guthrie Animal Shelter, home to dozens of animals.

The shelter is currently working out of a temporary home, hoping to rebuild.

“I have a lot. I have some beautiful dogs. I have an adult rottweiler named Baby who is looking for a single-dog home. He’s awesome. I have a Shih Tzu and Cocker,” Guthrie Animal Shelter Officer Suzy Brown said.

Brown has made animals her life’s work; she’s put in 12 years at the shelter.

It’s a job she loves, but one that’s been a little more challenging since losing the shelter six weeks ago.

The tornado that cut through Guthrie May 24 destroyed the shelter.

One building was leveled and the kennel was left with a damaged roof.

After searching for roofing services in Anaheim, the roof is being repaired so that the animals can return. The roof damage is quite significant so it’s unclear how long the repair will take. The shelter is currently open at a temporary site.

“Temporary housing is never the same as the housing that you provide for animals in the animal shelter on a day-to-day basis. It makes cleaning more difficult, sanitary conditions for the animals, because of the nature of where they are, are harder to keep the way you would like to keep them,” Officer Brown said.

The shelter is currently raising money to rebuild.

We’re told since being uprooted, the number of adoptions is down.

Officer Brown wants everyone to know, the animals are ready for loving homes.

The Guthrie Animal Shelter is open Monday through Saturday, 1 p.m. to 4 pm.


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