Belcher talks about latest on recruiting

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Bryan Cisler
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Offensive lineman Blake Belcher said he has stayed in close contact with the KU coaches during the recruiting season, but is still waiting for an offer to arrive.

“Kansas hasn’t officially offered me yet but they are recruiting me pretty hard,” Belcher said. “They are still waiting on my foot and that is what is setting me back. We will see what I will look like this fall.”

Belcher suffered a small fracture in his foot during the end of his junior football season but has since recovered. A lot of schools will be keeping a close eye on Belcher during his senior season to see how the lineman has recovered.

“I am fully healed and have been at 100 percent for a few months now,” Belcher said. “I need to show that I haven’t lost a step in my game or anything like that or that my injury has slowed me down.”

While Belcher says coaches have praised him for his athleticism, he thinks his intangibles are what have helped set him apart.

“I think my main strengths aren’t even my physical tools but my overall awareness,” Belcher said. “I know all the blocking techniques and if somebody has a question on the line I usually have an answer.”

Belcher already has offers from a number of schools including Oregon State, Iowa State, and Stanford. The lineman says he hopes to travel up to Lawrence in the fall to take in a game, and was in town for the spring game in April.

“The atmosphere was great and I was surprised by the facilities,” Belcher said. “Nobody ever talks about them but they are actually really nice and one of the better ones in the Big 12.”


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