BOE approves Distance Learning Day for GHS in April

The majority of Guthrie High School students will have a distance learning day in April in hopes of helping some students with college testing.

The Board of Education unanimously approved modifying the school schedule and allowing Thursday, April 6, 2023, as a distance learning day for grades 9 thru 12.

Assistant Superintendent Doug Ogle says this will allow juniors to take the ACT test in one day and without day-to-day distractions.

“In transitioning into Distance Learning for the day, our hope is that students will have a setting to be more successful for student achievement,” Ogle said.

GHS Principal Chris LeGrande told school board members that he spoke with Bixby school officials who complimented the strategy.

“It’s more conducive to performing better when you’re in small groups with people you know,” LeGrande told the board. “There’s no bells or distractions or kids. We thought it would be one day to put emphasis on the significance of doing your best on the test and providing an environment so the kids can be successful.”

Bixby has used the strategy for the past three years.

On the same day (April 6) freshmen, sophomores and seniors will have a remote learning day.

After completing the test, the juniors will be released for the remainder of the day and teachers will continue with professional development.

Breakfast will be provided for those taking the test.


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