Busy day in the trial against Coyle school teacher

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After a total of 20 witnesses taking the stand in the Stacey Brewer trial on Tuesday, it appears jurors will have their say beginning as early as Wednesday.

Brewer, a high school coach and teacher in Coyle, is being charged with 13 counts including indecent exposure and lewd acts with a child under 16. Three victims have made accusations against the coach.

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The defense called 19 of the witnesses on day four of the trial inside the Logan County Courthouse. A majority of those witnesses were character witnesses on behalf of Brewer, including several from out-of-state, where Brewer taught before coming to Coyle.

The defense called two expert witnesses in, a urologist and clinic psychologist. Both witnesses performed tests on Brewer. The psychologist reported that Brewer took two types on personality tests and scored a “normal” rating in both. The psychologist also testified that Brewer did not fit the profile of someone who would expose himself  based on background and history.

Also taking the stand was school personnel, including the school’s superintendent, principal, teachers and an office secretary.

Both teachers and secretary testified that the first victim, who came forward with the allegation that Brewer exposed himself on a school bus, struggled with her eye sight and since has gotten glasses. The alleged victim also testified last week that her eye sight was not very good.

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An English teacher at Coyle, who was first made aware of the first victims allegations on Feb. 3, 2010, testified that a journal project was conducted later in the same school year and the victim wrote that one of her biggest regrets was about some things she had lied about in her past. The teacher said she then turned it over to the OSBI and she believed it to be a person named Linda.

The state made their rebuttal after the defense rested and called Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations Linda Stevens back to the stand where she testified that she had no reference to a journal with the above suggested regret(s). Stevens went on to say that she does not know of any other person at the OSBI with the name Linda.

Two more witnesses are expected to take the stand on Wednesday before closing arguments are perhaps made before jurors are to deliberate.

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