Chamber Chat: Customers should point back to your mission being fulfilled

Be amazing today.
I was sitting at a retreat working with couples who want to see their marriage thrive. These retreats provide laughter, learning and connecting for the couples. I’m glad to be part of these retreats.

While sitting waiting on my next session to speak at, I was thinking about some questions I had to answer yesterday when sitting with a group of people. They were really good questions. I wish I could share all of them with you and how I responded.
But I can’t. And you probably don’t have time to read all of that. What I do want to share is this.
I believe every story told by your team and customers should point back to your mission being fulfilled. What is your mission as a restaurant, insurance agent, retail shop, public school, non-profit, etc?
This can help you measure if your services are being achieved for the customers and this helps let you know that your team understands the mission.
Let’s say our mission is to create opportunities and environments for people to learn, be inspired and connect with others so they can progress in life and in their work.
  • Example from a customer who attends one of our events. She goes to work the next day. She is sitting with Jim, coworker, and begins to say how much she learned and was inspired by a speaker she heard at our event last night. She goes on to say that she now knows how to accomplish a problem she was having at work.
  • Example from a team member. Eric and another person on the team are at a coffee shop. They get into a conversation with another group at the coffee shop. An opportunity comes up for Eric to tell about the work he does. He begins to tell a story about a participant that attended one of our events who gives credit to his personal growth in life.
If your team members and customers are out telling stories about your organization that points back to your mission being fulfilled to their friends and strangers – you’re probably going to gain more customers, volunteers, etc.
Storytelling is the key.
Before I leave, I want to give a big WELCOME to our new CHAMBER INVESTORS:
  • Physical Therapy Central
  • Jim Alghren
  • Court Appointed Special Advocate
  • First Southern Baptist Church
  • North Church
Your Friend,
Guthrie Chamber


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