Chamber Chat: “How are things going at the chamber?”

I get the question often: “how are things going at the chamber?”

We can call this “Weekly Memo” – How Are Things Going at the Chamber according to Heady.

As of today, I have been in my role for 60 days. It has been a really good 60 days. I believe the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce is making some really good strides in helping raise the quality of life in Guthrie America.

From what I can see, the Chamber has been key for many years in making this community what it is today.

The Chamber is made up of businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits and civic leaders. I consider them investors because together we work towards growing our economy which translates to a better community. The more we think community first – the greater the victory for everyone.

We must start being intentional about shopping local, doing business local, supporting our local schools, getting out to vote, being aware of community development, know what’s going on politically locally and sharing local events with your friends and family in surrounding communities. This is how we thrive as a community.

How are things going at the Chamber? Awesome. I’m in love with my community and with my job. I want to keep getting better as a leader and at communicating the importance of being a member, investor, of the Chamber. Together we’re better. Come join the Chamber.

Your week is going to be great. Thanks for opening up the Weekly Memo. I have a few things to cover. 

  • Chamber Coffee at Calvert Tax Service on September 9th
  • Ambassador Committee meeting on September 15th
  • Business After Hours at Guthrie Real Estate on September 17th
  • Chamber Finance Committee meeting on September 22nd
  • Chamber Board meeting is on September 24th
  • Lunch & Learn on November 17th
If you have any upcoming events you want to share with the community, please do so by CLICKING HERE and clicking the word MORE on the calendar.

Our new WEBSITE is up. Go check out GuthrieChamber.Com. If you’re a member, go search for your business on our membership page and let me know if you are not there. Click Here to get there in a “blink of an eye.” 

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We are still signing people up for our communities at I think it’s true to say that we are BETTER TOGETHER. #CommunityWins

The Chamber Coffee is a great way to network and meet new people. Join us this Wednesday morning at Calvert Tax Service. Located at 105 W. Cleveland, Guthrie, OK.

Farmers Market is Saturday kicking off at 8 a.m. and ending at 12 p.m.  #ComeGetFresh

Your Friend,
Guthrie Chamber


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