Chamber Chat: I believe starting a business in Guthrie is scary

I’m sitting here waiting for a workshop to start. It is a workshop for couples. We will be teaching them the skills to have a successful relationship.

Here is the thing – a bunch of the couples will be engaged. And, I was thinking about when I was engaged and how scary that was for me. You think you know what to expect but still – deep down inside you really don’t.

And that’s scary.

I believe starting a business in Guthrie is scary. So having the right invoice template is important to keep the business efficient. I would go as far as doing business in Guthrie is scary even if it’s your 25th year.

Being a non-profit, a civic leader, a school teacher, etc in Guthrie can be scary.

However, super exciting.

Here is the thing about taking on something that’s scary.

Do everything you can to prepare for the journey. Like…

  • Taking a workshop.
  • Asking mentors.
  • Reading books.
  • Watching movies, maybe not.
  • Becoming more self aware. Etc.

It still will be scary, but at least you will be informed and somewhat prepared.

And really, scary is sometimes kinda fun!

Hit reply to this email and share with me: What are you about to do that’s scary? Or, What is scaring you right now?


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