City issues statement on audio being terminated at council meeting

The City of Guthrie issued a statement in regard to Tuesday evening’s city council meeting which had the audio turned off before the conclusion of the meeting.

The audio feed, which is sent to both the City of Guthrie and Guthrie News Page’s live broadcast, came during a time as emotions drew high.

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City Manager Leroy Alsup says the audio was terminated due to a city staff error.

“Near the end of the meeting, matters had become chaotic and loud,” Alsup said. “When Vice-Mayor (Jim) Case used the gavel in an attempt to restore order it was misinterpreted by staff that the meeting was being adjourned. That is the typical scenario to adjourn the meeting at its conclusion. The meeting was officially adjourned roughly one minute later.”

The meeting was actually adjourned approximately one minute, 12 seconds after the audio was terminated.

No business was handled after the audio had been terminated. It was predetermined to the start of the regular meeting that the scheduled executive session was to be tabled.

“City staff takes full responsibility for the error and will strive to ensure that it is not repeated in the future,” Alsup said.


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