County’s collection of alcoholic beverage tax dips

The Alcoholic Beverage Tax collection for cities and towns inside Logan County saw it’s first dip in 2019.

In August, Logan County received $16,664.74 from the Oklahoma Tax Commission, which will be distributed throughout the county. A year ago, the collection brought in $17,054.97.

The 2.29% decrease is the first decrease in the collection since Sept. 2018.

Beginning October 1, 2018, grocery and convenience stores began selling wine and cold, strong beer. The change came after legislation and voters’ approval of a state question.

December 2018 has proven to be the largest allocation brought in by the county at $28,102.08.

Since January, the alcoholic beverage tax has generated $148,582.83 in Logan County.

Here is the breakdown of the allocation of the Alcoholic Beverage Tax for Logan County in August 2019.

Guthrie $11,496.78
Crescent $1,597.79
Mulhall $253.83
Coyle $366.64
Marshall $306.85
Langston $1,944.90
Meridian $42.87
Orlando $166.96
Cedar Valley $324.90
Cimarron $169.22


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