Coyle Community Improvement Committee works alongside thousands of Oklahomans this Spring

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Coyle, OK – March, 2015 – The Coyle Community Improvement Committee is encouraging people of all ages to demonstrate that they love where they live by joining hands and volunteering for the 2015 Great American Cleanup™ (GAC) in Oklahoma coordinated by Keep Oklahoma Beautiful (KOB).

Keep Oklahoma BeautifulIn the nation’s largest grassroots community improvement program, The Community Improvement Committee’s volunteers will participate in the Great American Trash off on Friday, April 10, 2015 followed by a town-wide large trash pickup on Saturday, April 11.

An event will also be hosted on May 9, to beautify and green the Town by planting trees, flowers in and around community parks and playgrounds, clean up litter and debris from public areas, and host a tire recycling drive during the week of April 20, 2015.  Materials are being provided by sponsor donations and a Grant Awarded to the Committee.  The Committee plans to host a lunch on May 9 for volunteers that have participated in scheduled events.

“I am very excited about the efforts this Committee is putting forth to reach out to residents to beautify the Town and help our Town Elders who need assistance in participating or getting large trash items to the curb,” said Mayor Kristie Schroeder.

None of this would be possible with the support of KOB’s many sponsors for the Great American Cleanup™. Support for the GAC is growing, Devon Energy, Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and OGE all help make the GAC an award-winning success each year. KOB is glad for the new support from P&K Equipment and KIND.

“Working with our sponsors has been such a wonderful experience for us at KOB, it is always great to have the support of like-minded groups that contribute to the success of so many efforts across our state,” said Jeanette Nance, KOB Executive Director. “Our new sponsors bring such energy and excitement to the GAC, we look forward to making good things happen across the state, to keep Oklahoma’s beauty running deep.”

The GAC is a call to action that civic leaders and volunteer groups can use to create more sustainable communities. Focusing their volunteer efforts on activities surrounding waste reduction, recycling, beautification and community greening, The Town of Coyle will foster unity and strengthen community bonds through the GAC. The GAC will be highlighted by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s Trash-OFF Day (April 11), featuring large-scale cleanups and coordinated events in cities across the state.

“Service to the community is the ultimate demonstration that you love where you live,” said Megan Moran, Projects Coordinator for KOB. “Participating in the GAC can become the foundation for uniting Oklahomans in activities that create long-lasting effects.”

In 2014 alone, more than 69,000 volunteers and participants took part in GAC events statewide, collecting 3.2 million pounds of litter and debris, along with cleaning over 3,500 acres of parks, public lands and open spaces.

How can you get involved? Visit The Coyle Community Improvement Committee on Facebook for a list of local events.

About Keep Oklahoma Beautiful

KOB is a statewide nonprofit with a mission to empower Oklahoma citizens to preserve and enhance the state’s natural beauty and ensure a healthy, sustainable environment. Learn more at


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