Cross Country season begins with annual Guthrie meet

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The 2012 Guthrie Cross Country once again got under way with the annual Guthrie Cottonwood Classic. This year’s event marked the 15th running of the cross country meet.

Lauren Toney and Lexi Hastings took in their first varsity race of the season with medal finishes. Photo By Chris Evans

As it does every single year, the Cottonwood Classic produces state champions and team champions come October at the state meet. After watching the Deer Creek boys team, they have the inside track to get that streak alive.

The Antlers placed six of the first seven runners in the 5A boys race, including the top two spots, as they ran away with the convincing win. The host team, Guthrie, took second place.

Deer Creek’s top five scores equaled 18 followed by Guthrie’s 108 team points.

For the BlueJays, they were led by Brandon Greenlee’s time of 17:56 which was good enough for 13th overall. Adam Noriega (13th) and Austin O’Connor (18th) rounded out the top 20 with times of 18:27 and 18:28, respectively.

The overall winner was Deer Creek’s Bryce Balenseifen with a time of 16:28 in the 5K (3.1 miles) race.

Guthrie was rounded out with Michael Gunter (27th), Taylor Self (30th), Sean Harvey (34th) and Tommy Beauchamp (51st).

Hastings and Toney medal in season opener

Freshmen Lexi Hastings in her first varsity race came away with a medal after finishing 21st overall in a time of 13:01 in the two-mile run.

Her teammate Lauren Toney was not to far behind with a 24th place finish at 13:09.

Heritage Hall took the overall team championship with 40 points followed by Shawnee’s 73 points.

Hennessey’s Cheyenne Choate took the individual honor with a time of 11:44 to claim the 5A girls and below race.

5A Girls Team Results

1)Heritage Hall-40,  2)Shawnee-73,  3)Deer Creek-83,  4)Hennessey-115, 5)Jones-126,  6)Tonkawa-130,  7)Perry-221, 8)Coalgate-245,  9)Crossings-278.

5A Girls Individual Results

1)Cheyenne Choate, Hennessey, 11:44, 2)Omega Reese, Tonkawa, 11:53.3, 3)Lauren Roberts, Heritage Hall, 11:56.2, 4)Meredith Zerby, Heritage Hall, 12:04.5, 5)Tate Macabee, Shawnee, 12:22.7 6)Chandler Tarranz, Tonkawa, 12:23,  7)Katelynn Downs, Shawnee, 12:31.4, 8)Darby Caynes, Heritage Hall, 12:32.6, 9)Kelsie Hancock, Deer Creek, 12:33.0, 10)Katy Ewing, Deer Creek, 12:38.3, 11)Teddi Homan, Jones, 12:42.0, 12)Liesl Dolese, Heritage Hall, 12:45, 13)Renie Dolese, Heritage Hall, 12:48.8, 14)Sadie Cullison, Shawnee, 12:49.4, 15)Lynsey West, Shawnee, 12:50.7, 16)Nancy Velasquez, Jones, 12:52.2, 17)Madison Garrett, Heritage Hall, 12:53.0, 18)Morgan Hagan, Heritage Hall, 12:54.1, 19)Mary Babb, Deer Creek, 12:55.4, 20)Kayla Martin, Deer Creek, 12:57.0, 21)Lexi Hastings, Guthrie, 13:01.5, 22)Mariah Millsap, Jones, 13:04.8, 23)Ciarra Farrow, Tonkawa, 13:05.5, 24)Lauren Toney, Guthrie, 13:09.8, 25)Kaleigh Ewing, Deer Creek, 13:10.6, 26)Hannah Lankford, Deer Creek, 13:15.1, 27)Cassandra Tarango, Hennessey, 13:20.6, 28)Kinsey Reeves, Hennessey, 13:21.6, 29)Erin Thompson, Hennessey, 13:23.6, 30)Hailey Vaverka, Hennessey, 13:26.6, 31)Dali Atchley, Perry, 13:27.2, 32)Daylon Storie, Shawnee, 13:30.3, 33)Anne Nigg, Deer Creek, 13:35.9,  34)Blair Johnson, Shawnee, 13:38.4,  35)Michaela Rowlen, Jones, 13:40.5, 36)Western Hts, 13:43.9, 37)Diana Gonzales, Henrietta, 13:47.4, 38)Hannah Brooks, Shawnee, 13:47.8, 39)Adriane Long, Coalgate, 13:53.1, 40)Madison Russell, Hennessey, 13:54.1.


6A Girls Team Results

1)McGuinness-31,  2)Edmond North-32

6A Girls Individual Results

1)Jaci Smith, Edmond North, 11:03.8, 2)Kelsey Hicks, Edmond North, 12:06.7, 3)Hannah Schmitz, Putnam City, 12:08.9, 4)Adele Edmonds, McGuinness, 12:25.7, 5)Maddie Hill, McGuinness, 12:29.9, 6)Sabrina Waugh, McGuinness, 12:31.6, 7)Lexi Morgan, McGuinness, 12:46.5, 8)Reilly Emerson, Edmond North, 12:42.4, 9)Mattie Lily, McGuinness, 12:46.5, 10)Ashley Gill, Edmond North, 12:47.2, 11)Kelsey Castillo, Edmond North, 12:52.2, 12)Sierra Purser, McGuinness, 12:58.9, 13)Alex Lay, Edmond North, 12:59.3, 14)Courtney Downs, Midwest City, 13:10.2, 15)Sydney Keith, Putnam City, 13:20.5, 16)Jill Hagen, McGuinness, 13:42.6, 17)Rachel Horsman, Edmond North, 13:49.3, 18)Choctaw, 14:47.3,  19)Erin Fleming, Midwest City, 15:24.1, 20)Abbie Schmitz, Putnam City, 16:17.3

5A Boys Team Results

1)Deer Creek-18,  2)Guthrie-108,  3)Heritage Hall, 112,  4)Shawnee-116, 5)Tonkawa-119,  6)Western Heights-139,  7)Jones-171,  8)Capitol Hill-202,  9)OK Storm-250

5A Boys Individual Results

1)Bryce Balenseifen, Deer Creek, 16:28.4. 2)Blaine Powell, Deer Creek, 16:35.0, 3)Tyler Stevens, Jones, 16:54.4, 4)Coleman Crawley, Deer Creek, 16:59.1, 5)Kyle Larson, Deer Creek, 17:07.4, 6)Devin Provines, Deer Creek, 17:12.7, 7)Chandler King, Deer Creek, 17:25.1, 8)Tyler Day, Shawnee, 17:31.6, 9)Brandon Hurst, Tonkawa, 17:33.4, 10)Garrett Davis, Heritage Hall, 17:44.7, 11)Kyle McKinley, Heritage Hall, 17:47.8, 12)Grant Schatzman, Deer Creek, 17:54.2, 13)Brandon Greenlee, Guthrie, 17:56.5, 14)Jesse Grisham, Western Hts., 17:58.4, 15)Jose Salazar, Western Hts., 18:07.3, 16)Josh Kalies, Shawnee, 18:33.8, 17)Manny Reyes, Tonkawa, 18:17.9, 18)Adam Noriega, Guthrie, 18:27.2, 19)Garrett Classen, OK Storm, 18:28.0, 20)Austin Conner, Guthrie, 18:28.7, 21)Anthony Jaukeghi, Tonkawa, 18:29.5, 22)Nathan Feroli, Heritage Hall, 18:31.0, 23)Justin Neal, Jones, 18:37.7, 24)Geoff Hogan, Perry, 18:41.4, 25)Erik Mejio, Western Hts., 18:42.0, 26)Eduardo Meza, Capitol Hill, 18:43.6, 27)Michael Gunter, Guthrie, 18:44.7, 28)Josh Wait, Shawnee, 18:48.0, 29)Owen Simpson, Tonkawa, 18:59.2, 30)Taylor Self, Guthrie, 19:01.4, 31)Joseph Loveledge, Shawnee, 19:05.5, 32)Ben White, Heritage Hall, 19:06.8, 33)Clayton Stafford, Shawnee, 19:10.1, 34)Sean Harvey, Guthrie, 19:11.4, 35)Jadin Riley, Coalgate, 19:15.5, 36)Josae Escamilla, Capitol Hill, 19:17.1, 37)Payne Winter, Heritage Hall, 19:18.2, 38)Matt Dunlap, Western Hts. 19:21.7, 39)Tyler Lanelodge, Shawnee, 19:25.3, 40)Ubardo Huziae, Capitol Hill, 19:28.8

6A Boys Team Results

1)Edmond North-23,  2)McGuinness-54,  3)Choctaw-92,  4)Edmond Memorial-100,  5)Putnam City West-124,  6)Midwest City-158

6A Boys Individual Results

1)Austin Mayer, Edmond North, 16:02.9, 2)Larry Ressler, McGuinness, 16:03.2, 3)Blake Crouch, Edmond North, 16:20.6, 4)Patrick Hawkins, McGuinness, 16:49.1, 5)Justin Smith, Edmond North, 16:53.3, 6)Tyler Francis, Edmond North, 16:55.0, 7)Michael Vaughn, Putnam City West, 17:06.3, 8)Zach Verdea, Edmond North, 17:14.3, 9)Davis Crawford, Edmond North, 17:46.9, 10)Steven Labude, Choctaw, 17:36.0, 11)Caleb Williams, Choctaw, 17:44.9, 12)Shelby Garvey, McGuinness, 17:52.1, 13)Adam Knight, Putnam City West, 17:54.2, 14)Joe Brown, Choctaw, 17:58.5, 15)Kellen Keefer, Edmond Memorial, 17:59.8, 16)Andrew Hiller, Edmond Memorial, 18:12.2, 17)Kevin Gaffney, McGuinness, 18:13.9, 18)Victor McClain, Midwest City, 18:28.8, 19)Martin Davis, McGuinness, 18:30.5,  20)Mitch Maddox, Edmond North, 18:40.2,  21)Grey Howard, Edmond Memorial, 18:49.4, 22)Ryan Jones, McGuinness, 18:50.5, 23)Lawson Meredith, Edmond Memorial, 19:02.9, 24)Gavin Gee, McGuinness, 19:25.9, 25)Harrison Pierce, Edmond Memorial, 19:31.0, 26)Dylan Dobson, Edmond Memorial, 19:32.4, 27)Jacob Hunt, Edmond Memorial, 19:36.0, 28)Bailey Betz, Choctaw, 20:11.3, 29)Joe Broome, Choctaw, 20:26.7, 30)Jack Frantz, Putnam City West, 20:39.3, 31)Victor Manzano, Choctaw, 21:20.7, 32)Zach McMillan, Midwest City, 21:36.2, 33)Cameron Felty, Choctaw, 21:36.5, 34)Kaleb Bensinger, Putnam City West, 23:03.5, 35)Andrew Ryan, Midwest City, 23:08.4, 36)Jeremy Greathouse, Midwest City, 23:13.2, 37)Chance Wilmoth, Midwest City, 23:20.0, 38)Devin Hill, Midwest City, 23:22.3, 39)Steve Solice, Midwest City, 24:40.2, 40)Lamberto Tribe, Putnam City West, 25:23.9


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