Decrease the pay of legislators

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State Rep. Jason Murphey today announced his mid-March tradition of a yearly donation of $8,241.92 from his legislative salary to the Guthrie-based Crossroads Clinic. Oklahoma legislators are some of the highest paid part-time legislators in the nation, making more than double the regional average. Murphey uses the donation to demonstrate that legislators in Oklahoma should not be paid so much more than other legislators in the region and to illustrate the importance of services such as Crossroads.

State Represenative Jason Murphey

State Represenative Jason Murphey

“In order to reform government, we must cut out wasteful state government spending. I believe most Oklahomans feel it is not a good policy to pay legislators more than double the regional average,” said Murphey, R-Guthrie.

Crossroads Clinic is a Christian-based non-profit organization which provides pregnancy related medical services, life-giving options education, client advocacy, support for prenatal care, parenting education, post-abortion peer counseling, and abstinence education. Crossroads offers abortion-vulnerable women a scan to confirm viable pregnancies. Statistics show that 89 percent of abortion-minded women choose life for their unborn babies after seeing them through ultrasound and receiving truthful information about their options.

The amount donated reflects the difference in legislative pay and the per capita pay in Oklahoma at the time Murphey was elected. During his 2006 campaign for office, Murphey pledged to continue making the yearly pledge until legislative salaries are adjusted. Murphey sponsors legislation to accomplish this goal during each term of the Legislature.


2 Comments on "Decrease the pay of legislators"

  1. Wow, that guy sounds amazing!

  2. Amazing? With moves like that (year after year), it’s no wonder he can’t actually get anything of substance accomplished for his home town of Guthrie…no support from his fellow legislators! Maybe we should FIRE our legislators and replace them with someone who can get something FOR Guthrie done…all this stuff he “does” is FLUFF and does nothing “real” except appear to pad his resume’ and impress some people in south Logan County (for some reason). He’s ineffective because he cannot get support on REAL things for Guthrie. Nothing of any substance. Period.

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