Ellis announces his candidacy for District 2 commissioner

It appears there will be an election for the voters of District 2 with the county commissioner seat up for grabs in 2020.


Kody Ellis, a Republican, says he will file and run for the upcoming election.

Current District 2 Commissioner Mike Pearson, also a Republican, tells Guthrie News Page he will seek a fourth term. He has held the position since 2008.

Ellis, who is a Grader Operator for District 1 Commissioner Marven Goodman, says he wants a cohesive bond when it comes to the Board of County Commissioners.

“I want to see change in our current system by creating a cohesive bond between all three County Commissioners to not only improve our district but to improve our County as a whole.”

The Army veteran says he wants to make sure roads are properly maintained and built.

“My agenda is to determine priority roads based on population, use, and emergency routes. To ensure those roads are properly maintained, repaired, or built to the best of our ability and within our budget.

Ellis added he plans to help the entire county and not just District 2.

“Maintain and repair all other roads within our District with the help of our other County Commissioners if needed to improve our district and our County as a whole.”

The Primary election will be held June 30 with the General Election set for Nov. 3.

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