Sheriff declares Logan County a Sanctuary County for 2nd Amendment; State Rep. calls it a “political stunt”

Logan County Sheriff Damon Devereaux announced on Thursday he is declaring Logan County a Sanctuary County for when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. A State representative says its nothing but a political stunt.

Devereaux, who has fielded several calls and emails in the last several hours, says he will oppose any and all infringements on his citizen’s Second Amendment rights. He added he would oppose a federal red flag law too, and wouldn’t enforce it.

Sanctuary refers to a city, town, or county that has adopted a resolution rejecting the enforcement of state or federal gun laws perceived to violate the Second Amendment. Targeted regulations commonly include red flag laws, universal gun background checks and bans on assault-style weapons.

Logan County is the first county in Oklahoma to declare, but other counties are expected to follow.

It’s been argued at the national level that becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary has no legal basis, as only the courts have the power to overturn a state or federal law. 

State Representative Jason Lowe, a Democrat from Oklahoma City who has filed petitions to repeal constitutional carry, says Devereaux is making a political stunt.

“I would hope that the sheriff of Logan County would uphold all of the Constitution and not just parts of it,” Lowe said.

He continued, “This is a political stunt that has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with the sheriff’s politics. It also doesn’t change that Oklahomans have yet to have their say on whether the state should require training before someone carries a firearm in public.”   

Devereaux, who is seeking a second term this year, has yet to draw an opponent.

The Logan County Board of Commissioners is expected to acknowledge the declaration of intent at their Friday morning board meeting.


3 Comments on "Sheriff declares Logan County a Sanctuary County for 2nd Amendment; State Rep. calls it a “political stunt”"

  1. I thought the Sheriff was supposed to enforce the law.

  2. Bravo Sheriff, Bravo! This is exactly what needs to happen all across the Nation for those States and Counties who believe in combating the continued erosion of our Constitutional Rights by the ignorant left-wing Socialists. This is a direct statement to those who have not been taught World History and the demise of Countries who have disarmed their citizens. And to the anti-Constitution Jason Lowe, it is not a political stunt, but a necessary action due to unAmerican, unConstitutionalists like yourself who have made it YOUR political stunt to remove the Oklahoma voters Constitutional rights. Sounds like it is past time for Jason Lowe to be voted out of office, and someone with the People’s rights in mind to take over.

  3. Thank you sheriff Devereaux for taking a stand for the people of Logan County and Oklahoma. Every day there is a new attack on the 2bd amendment, and its time we the people take a stand for what is a right given to us by the constitution. A lot of folks say we don’t need an asault style weapon to hunt “Bambies” Which is true. However the 2nd amendment was never about hunting. Its about defending ourselves against all enemies foreign and domestic,people seem to forget that. America still has numerous enemies. There will be a day when they will come after our guns. When they do it is imperative that we Americans have at least as good a weapon as they will have to defend her.

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