eMedia a vote away from coming to the Guthrie Library

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Note: City Council passed the agenda item with a unanimous yes vote.

It was a goal for Cyndi Selinger when she took over as the director of the Guthrie Public Library and now she is just one vote away from making it happen while being on the job for just three months.

The Guthrie City Council will meet Tuesday evening and will consider entering a contract with OverDrive, Inc. to begin bringing eMedia to the library, including digital books.

With approval, the local library will become a member of the Oklahoma Virtual Library Consortium.

This item is to consider authorizing the Library Director to enter into a contract with OverDrive, Inc. allowing the Guthrie Public Library to become a member of the Oklahoma Virtual Library Consortium. The consortium is a project supported by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

State-wide the consortium of 23 libraries shares a collective pool of digital resources that includes digital books, audiobooks, and music.

Joining the consortium would give customers access via the library’s website to free eMedia that can be checked out and downloaded to a computer, eReader, portable music player, or smart phone.

The cost to join the consortium is a one-time fee of $500 with an annual recurring cost of $3000. The $500 includes extensive staff training and technical support needed to merge Guthrie Public Library with the consortium.

The annual recurring fee is split so that $1000 is paid to OverDrive for continued support and $2000 is designated for the purchase of new materials. This price is set for three years.


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