Emergency Manager: How outdoor storm sirens operate in Logan County

By: Steven Haga
Logan County Emergency Manager

Several people have called and emailed the Emergency Management Office over storm sirens in Logan County. I wanted to inform the residents of the county about our sirens and how they operate.  

Logan County has 10 sirens. The Emergency Management budget is given 10k a year to maintain these 10 sirens. We use almost all of that 10k a year to maintain the 10 sirens that we have.  

We get phone calls and emails all the time from the new neighborhoods and subdivisions going up in the south part of the county requesting a storm siren be put in their neighborhood. Sirens cost about 10k-15k to install one. If a neighborhood or subdivision with an HOA wanted a siren, they could purchase one and have it installed in their neighborhood and it could be connected to our system.  

The best advice I can give the residents of Logan County is to have multiple ways to advise you of severe weather such as a weather radio and have it programmed with the surrounding counties and download weather apps that notify you of weather and to also visit our Logan County website and signup for the alerts through the national weather system.  

Sirens are meant for outdoor warning. With the way new houses are built with better insulation, better windows and more sound proofing material, there is not a guarantee that you would hear a siren to wake you up.  

With loud thunder and strong winds and heavy rains, there are people that have reported they did not hear the siren. I encourage all of our residents to sign up for the alerts and have multiple ways to get the notifications during severe weather. I have attached the link to the County’s website for the signup of the notifications.   https://www.logancountyok.com/244/Sign-Up-For-Notifications


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