Guthrie Schools finds small amount of recalled milk from Hiland Dairy

Guthrie Public Schools announced on Tuesday their staff discovered a small amount of the chocolate milk identified for recall by Hiland Dairy. On Monday, the district reported all the product had been checked out with no findings of the recalled milk.

“I’m very disappointed in our vendor,” Superintendent Dr. Mike Simpson said in a release. “Their careless misrepresentation of the facts to our staff yesterday could have placed students at risk.”

This discovery was made by GPS staff and was in contrast to information provided by Hiland Dairy to the district on Monday evening, according to a release by the school district.

The identified milk was discarded before any meals were served on Tuesday, according to school officials. School was not in session on Monday.

“Fortunately, our staff went the extra mile to assure the safety of our students,” Simpson added.

The sites with the milk in the recall group were Cotteral, Charter Oak and Guthrie Upper Elementary.

The milk contains a food grade sanitizer. If ingested it could cause illness.

Medical professionals indicate the illness would occur typically in the first 48 hours following ingestion. If you have concerns regarding this announcement, you’re encouraged to contact your medical provider.

About the recall

Hiland Dairy initially learned of a potential issue and then confirmed after internal quality-control testing at the Norman, Oklahoma facility. The company promptly contacted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to initiate the product recall.

To ensure 100% containment, Hiland Dairy is recalling all of the product with 1/27 code, although there were only eight cases affected. There are 50 units of one-half pints in one case and 4,800 cases were distributed with the above codes for a total of 240,000 units of one-half pint Hiland 1% Low Fat Chocolate Milk.

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