Guthrie City Manager selected for Leadership Oklahoma

Guthrie City Manager Leroy Alsup has been selected to the next Leadership Oklahoma class.

Each year Oklahoma leaders who represent a wide geographic base and who have diverse backgrounds and vocations are selected to participate. Each class is exposed to the many social and environmental complexities of the state in order to stimulate inquiry, analysis and independent development of solutions for the public good.

Class members meet and talk with Oklahoma’s current leaders and explore the state’s opportunities, needs, issues and resources.  Based on the interaction and respect developed during the class year, a living network is formed – a network capable of identifying, evaluating and implementing projects of value to the people of Oklahoma.

“I think Guthrie is a quality community. It is located in an area where it can be successful in the future. Being on Interstate 35 is an asset for both recruiting distribution and retail,” Alsup told Guthrie News Page on the day he was announced as the City’s top leader in December 2016.

Founded in 1986, Leadership Oklahoma is a statewide nonprofit organization that educates and connects the state’s premier leaders to help make a positive impact on the future of the State.

Leadership Oklahoma maintains its active network of almost 1,500 graduates from 168 communities by offering continual opportunities for professional development, networking and involvement. Ongoing activities for members to increase awareness of critical issues and to foster the connectedness of the statewide network are provided.


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  1. Alston Ingram Jr | May 16, 2018 at 7:36 pm | Reply

    Great job, Leroy! “The CREAM always rises to the TOP” -Alston Ingram Jr, 33 years REALTOR® (Ret.)

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