Guthrie Police suspends all criminal activity within city limits

If you’re wanting to commit a crime you will have to do that outside of the Guthrie city limits. On Tuesday, the police department suspended all criminal activity.

On Monday, the City of Guthrie declared a State of Emergency with the growing concerns of COVID-19.

In a funny, clever produced Facebook post, the department covered all the arenas of a crime.

“This means that all criminal activity, both perpetrated in person and/or remotely, i.e. via internet, telephone, vehicle, etc., is hereby cancelled until such time that this suspension is lifted.”

Police encouraged all criminals to simply stay home and cautious good hygiene.

“Criminals are highly encouraged to remain at home engaging in legal activities such as on-line gaming or solitaire. If this is not possible, please phone the non-emergency line, and an officer will be dispatched to arrest you for your outstanding warrants. You will be notified when criminal activity may resume. Please continue to monitor official websites as this is a fluidly changing situation. The Guthrie Police Department thanks you for your cooperation.”


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  1. Clever…

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