“He loved being out there”

If students attended Fogarty Elementary in the last several years they highly likely saw a kind man standing in his yard, leaning on the fence and waving as they prepared for class.

Whether it was cold, hot or even raining, David Wegner made sure he made it out of his house to say good morning to students and their parents with a simple wave and smile.

He made the motions to all of those who drove in the car line to the elementary school at the corner of Broad St. and College Ave.

On Wednesday, David’s daughter said he had passed away on Monday.

“Oh goodness we are going to miss him soooo much,” Diana Womack said in a social media post. “He was the highlight of so many of my mornings and gave me purpose to make it through each day.”

David’s daughter said, “He loved being out there. I enjoyed the phone calls where he was so excited that some of the kids made him cards or brought him donuts or cookies. All of you was the highlight of his day.”

Donna Hurst was one of several of those people who saw David each morning.

“He was truly a hero putting delight and happiness in so many hearts.”


4 Comments on "“He loved being out there”"

  1. i will miss u so much u was a great guy r.i.p

  2. David always mad me smile when he spoke and said what’s up Doc? Him wearing his old favorite crumpled hat. Always smiling. For a short time David you gave me lots to smile about thinking on you my short time friend. R.I.P.

  3. Connie Thurman | August 19, 2019 at 7:33 pm | Reply

    ill miss you neighbor may you rest in peace

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