Horse found dead on property along with skeletons

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During an animal welfare check over the weekend, Logan County deputies found a dead horse along with several skeletons on a Logan County property.

On Saturday, February 11, deputies were called to a property half mile north of Seward Rd on Hiwassee to check on the welfare of several horses. When deputies arrived they observed a recently deceased horse by the entrance of the property. Deputies also observed several skeletons on the property.

Detectives were called to the scene, who in turn made contact with the Humane Society.

The following day (February 12th) detectives met with the Humane Society, Dr. Kin DVM., and Blazes Equine Rescue. Dr. Kin briefly surveyed the herd of 105 horses and found 15 have a body condition rate of one on the Henneke Chart, an objective evaluation of a horse’s body condition.

Detectives filed and were granted an affidavit of seizure for other 15 horses to be removed from the property on Monday afternoon. However, one of those horses died throughout the night.

Authorities have been in contact with the owner and are continuing their investigation.


3 Comments on "Horse found dead on property along with skeletons"

  1. I would really like to know how this happens! Who owns the property and the animals?

  2. It is an ongoing investigation Tonay so those details were not given. I did ask the same question. Once resolved, I believe, we will find out.

  3. The owner should be punished and jailed forever. There are always options when u can’t afford to feed properly. Give them away donate to rescues. I wish we all could find our humanity again. Abuse is not just to people!

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