Ice damage quickly adding up in Guthrie

Update 6:25 pm — Due to ongoing power outages in the Guthrie area, Guthrie Public Schools has canceled classes for Wednesday, Oct. 28.

Several trees and limbs continue to crash down on Tuesday with the ongoing ice storm. Many of those limbs have taken down power lines and causing power outages.

Traffic lights throughout town are no longer working as four-way stop signs have taken their place.

As of 11 a.m. there were no vehicle accidents reported by the Guthrie Police Department as temperatures hover around 32 degrees.

OG&E’s system alert is experiencing technical difficulties. You can continue to report outages by calling 800-522-6870.

Just before 9 a.m., the electric system showed 900 OG&E customers without power, which is approximately 2,000 people. However, those numbers continue to rise.

The Guthrie Fire Department is encouraging everyone to use caution when calling 911.

“The entire city is being inundated by ice damage currently. Unless you see imminent danger to a person or structure, DO NOT CALL 911 when power lines are arcing,” a spokesperson said.

“It’s going to happen a lot today and there are not enough resources to go around. You may see an initial fire when the line comes in contact with trees, but it will burn through in a short amount of time.”

You’re encouraged to notify your electric provider when you see lines that are arcing. If power lines are on the ground, please DO CALL 911 as this could present an immediate hazard.

Guthrie City Hall and the Logan County Courthouse are closed for Tuesday.

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