Logan County filings April 1, 2021

Following actions were filed in the District Court of Logan County for April 1, 2021.

Criminal Felony (CF)

CF-2021-53State of Oklahoma v. Yang, Dong Qiang
CF-2021-54State of Oklahoma v. Chen, Ronghua
CF-2021-55State of Oklahoma v. WINTERS, JEREMY DEAN
CF-2021-56State of Oklahoma v. Young, Joseph Sean
CF-2021-57State of Oklahoma v. Cupp, William Aaron
CF-2021-58State of Oklahoma v. Brown, Steven Austin

Civil relief more than $10,000 (CJ)

CJ-2021-48Territory Land Investments, LLC v. Bryan Parker, et al

Family and Domestic (FD)

FD-2021-49In re the Marriage of: Higgins, Randall Miller and Higgins, Kelly Cecelia

Paternity (FP)

FP-2021-8Leath, Andrew R. v. Markham, Kimberly K.

Marriage license (ML)

ML-2021-46In Re the marriage of Cartrell Dion Speight-mccully and Kandace Rose Ashford
ML-2021-47In Re the marriage of Paul Leonard Bedard and Sally Beth Landes
ML-2021-48In Re the marriage of John Forrest Alan Smith and Gayla Michelle Garrett

Probate (PB)

PB-2021-26In the Matter of the Estate of Rene Kirk Rousselle, SR deceased
PB-2021-27In the Matter of the Estate of Linda Rollins, deceased

Small Claims (SC)

SC-2021-105Duncan Tyson v. Norma Smith


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