Low water levels close boat ramps at Guthrie lakes

Photo courtesy of the Guthrie Police Department.

Until further notice, the boat ramps at Guthrie Lake and Liberty Lake are closed due to dangerously low water levels.

The Guthrie Police Department closed the ramps on Monday to help patrons from damaging their boats, vehicles, and trailers.

“When the water level is dangerously low, a trailer has to be backed beyond the end of the boat ramp in order to load a watercraft,” a police spokesperson said. “It becomes nearly impossible to pull a loaded trailer back onto the ramp without damaging the trailer and/or boat.”

Police remind all citizens to obey the ramp signs.

In the past 14 days, Guthrie officially has received 2.5 inches of rainfall, but only 2.90 inches in the past 60 days.

In the coming days, especially the weekend, Guthrie is forecasted for additional rainfall.


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