Man stabbed multiple times inside home

A daughter is searching for assistance and the Guthrie Police Department is looking for suspects after a man was attacked and stabbed in his own home.


Police officers responded to the emergency room at Mercy Hospital Logan County in reference to an assault victim early Saturday morning.

Officers found a 52-year-old male who had been stabbed and severely beaten.

Through the investigation it was discovered the victim lived in the 400 block of Lombardy Rd. on Guthrie’s west side.

The victim reported he was in his residence late in the evening on October 5 when several subjects entered and began to stab and assault him.

The victim was knocked unconscious during the assault and reported that his wallet and other items had been stolen by the subjects.

The man suffered facial and rib fractures and several stab wounds.  

“In the comfort of his own home, three men brutally attacked my father. They stabbed him, beat him, and almost killed him,” the victim’s daughter said in a gofundme post.

The robbery and assault remains under investigation as investigators work on several leads.

If you have information you’re encouraged to call the police department – while being anonymous – at 405-282-3535.

Photo from gofundme page.

4 Comments on "Man stabbed multiple times inside home"

  1. They have been selling drugs out of this house for the last 6 months, check police records. I don’t condone any of this violence, but he has known and let drugs be sold from this property.

    • Looks like there’s much more to this story than just some random men coming in to stab an unsuspecting home owner.

  2. Damn didn’t know that information thought it was random act of violence. Sucks that happen tho

  3. Christopher Parker | October 25, 2019 at 7:12 pm | Reply

    I know i didnt do such a thing! God bless!

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