Mayor: The new normal For Guthrie

As we head into another week of the COVID-19 invasion, we are clearly experiencing a new normal.  Life as we have known it for a long time will be in our rear view mirror and we will be adjusting to a new experience, a new reality. 


The COVID-19 WILL impact ALL of us directly or indirectly.  It will infect some of our family, friends and neighbors.  It will change our lives for a while.   

For some it may change their lives forever.  Let me reinforce the main message that all of us have been receiving from the national media and the medical professionals —- maintain your own personal health; wash your hands; minimize your contact with others; wash your hands, clean surfaces around you, wash your hands and if you feel sick – self quarantine.

Let me add a few other thoughts as we together fight this invasion:

  • Check on your neighbors, especially if they are elderly or medically compromised.  Do they need necessary supplies, medications, food? 
  •  “Pay ahead” to those restaurants and retail businesses heavily hit by this new reality – purchase a gift card (and give a nice tip to the restaurant staff).
  • Food pantries, such as God’s Food Bank (260-1412), will see significant demands — help them so they may be able to help others in need.
  • Get outside — maybe now is the time to weed your gardens (or the flower garden areas around our schools, parks, churches and downtown areas) – just not in groups.
  • Churches will experience increased requests for assistance – even if your church service has been shut down, don’t forget to send some cash their way too.  It will make a difference!
  • As our medical providers get hammered by this virus, Mercy Health and Companion Health (282-6285) will be needing help (Retired from the medical field?  We may need you.) (Right now they need masks). Not feeling so well?  Talk to your provider! Stay away from others.
  • Thank those first responders, those working in the medical field, the stockers and checkout clerks at the grocery stores, the pharmacy staff, the electrician and plumber still responding to your calls, and the many others who are continuing to serve us here in Guthrie.
  • Prayers – for all those impacted, that they may experience peace and hope and the understanding of WHAT COMMUNITY MEANS IN GUTHRIE AMERICA!!

We will ALL be impacted, but we will get through this TOGETHER!!!  As we are challenged by the events of the next few days, weeks or months, let us heighten our kindness towards others, our attentiveness to each other’s needs and our appreciation for what we have as a nation, state and community.  With eyes wide open to the challenge before us; let us face this new normal TOGETHER with resolve and commitment for this is what we do here in Guthrie!!

Steve Gentling, Mayor

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  1. Are there any cases in Guthrie? We have the right to know.

  2. Are you able to say were in logan county

  3. Thank you for the encouraging words and the positive leadership.

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