Mueller sworn in as Ward III council member

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The 61st Guthrie City Council welcomed Sheri Mueller to her first city council meeting since being appointed on October 18th.

Mueller, who is no relation to City Manager Matt Mueller, was sworn in by Municipal Judge David Hood before the meeting.

Council member Mueller along with John Wood and Mary Coffin along with Mayor Chuck Burtcher formed a quorum with council members Trey Ayers, Patty Hazelwood and Gaylord Thomas absent.

The Guthrie Public Works Authority voted unanimously to:

– claims and minutes

– approved the budget amendments that include the close out of the 2010-2011 Fiscal Year as well as the amendments needed to manage the tornado recovery projects and roll over projects that began last year, but have not yet been completed with the exception of the Hotel/Motel fund.

– approved to enter into a Building Tenancy Agreement with Utility Safety Services, LLC for the rental of commercial space at 5909 S. Division, Guthrie, OK for the purpose of housing of the large pieces of heavy equipment during the re-build of the Public Works maintenance facility.  The agreement is for a six month period with a month-to-month extension after that, if it was needed, that requires a written 30-day notification by either party.  The cost will be $3,500 per month plus utilities with a $1,000 security deposit due upon signing the contract along with a $1,260.00 property management  fee to Century 21 Goodyear Green Realtors.

The Guthrie City Council voted unanimously to:

– approved minutes, claims and Treasurer Report

– approved a revised agreement with God’s Food Bank reflecting a new location for the Guthrie Community Garden.  At the August 16, 2011 meeting of the Guthrie City Council, the Council approved an Agreement between the City of Guthrie and God’s Food Bank for the development, operation and maintenance of the Guthrie Community Gardens.  The City will provide vacant land near Mineral Wells Park to God’s Food Bank (GFB) at no charge.  Since that time a preferred location has been found, but it is still located in the general vicinity.

– approved to solicit bids for the bed replacement and other repairs to Brush #4 (Unit #70) due to fire damage on July 23, 2011, when damaged in a large grass fire. Insurance adjusters declared most of the equipment on the unit a total loss and authorized the replacement of said equipment.  The city received a check in the amount of $33,498.36 for repairs with further repair costs currently being negotiated.  Any costs above the insurance payment amount will come from funds that were collected from the sale of former Engine #7 to the Coyle Fire Department.

– approved to purchase ¾ Ton Crew Cab, 4 Wheel Drive pickup and accessories for fire department utilizing Logan County Fire Sales Tax funds. The fire department will utilize the Logan County Fire Sales Tax funds to lease/purchase a new ¾ Ton Crew Cab, 4 Wheel Drive pickup.  This vehicle will replace the Battalion Chief’s vehicle, which is currently a 2002 Ford Explorer.  The vehicle will be equipped with aluminum camper-type shell, incident command equipment, radio equipment, emergency equipment and winch.  The pickup will have a higher ground clearance, 4 wheel drive and a front bumper mounted winch to assist, when needed, in pulling out stuck ambulances or other vehicles in adverse conditions.  This pickup will also be equipped with the proper incident command equipment and radio equipment to fully and safely command an emergency incident. This vehicle and financing will be bid through Logan County’s Purchasing Department, utilizing no city funds. 

– approved the Oklahoma Tax Commission Agreement for Administration of the Sales and Use Tax. The Agreement is the result of numerous discussions between the Oklahoma Municipal League Liaison Board and the Oklahoma Tax Commission and both parties have agreed to the terms. The new agreement, once executed, will replace the separate sales and use tax agreements currently in effect.  The new Agreement, after one year, shall renew without action of the parties for additional terms of one year provided that the current rate has not been changed and neither party has given written notice of its intent to terminate the Agreement.

– approved the budget amendment No. 1 increasing the budget for the General fund, Guthrie Public Works fund, Grants fund and Capital Projects fund.

– approved the budget amendment No. 10 increasing the budget for the General fund, Guthrie Public Works fund, Water Treatment Plant fund, CMOM fund, Airport Grant fund and GIDA fund for the 2011 fiscal year end.

– approved to appoint Sheri Mueller to the Street Committee.


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