Oklahoma Lottery contributes more than $1 billion to education

On Monday, the Oklahoma Lottery Commission announced that it has contributed more than $1 billion to education in Oklahoma since 2005.

The funding benefits K-12 education, higher education and career tech.

“When the voters approved the Oklahoma Lottery in 2004, they did so with the promise of increased funding for education. Today we celebrate an accomplishment that has helped countless Oklahoma teachers and students,” said Jay Finks, Deputy Director of the Oklahoma Lottery. “We have the unique opportunity right now to support our state’s students and teachers at such a pivotal time and place in our history.”

Over the past 15 years, lottery sales has made it possible to deposit $1 billion  into the Oklahoma Education Lottery Trust Fund. The state Legislature is then able to allocate those funds based on a formula set in statute to benefit Oklahoma students. 

“The Lottery is doing better than ever and Oklahoma teachers and students will benefit from its ongoing success,” added Jay Finks. “This goal is a significant milestone, but we know there is more we can do to continue to modernize the Oklahoma Lottery, improve sales and provide additional funding to education. We look forward to bringing more new and exciting ways for Oklahomans to play the Lottery so we can all continue to increase funding for education in our state for years to come.”


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