Parish Pierce, Darian Bennett named GPS Employees of the Month

Sarah Hunnicutt presents Parish Pierce with his Certified Employee of the Month plaque.

The February 2023 Certified and Support Employee of the Month for Guthrie Public Schools are Parish Pierce and Darian Bennett.

“He is the calm boat in the storm,” Sarah Hunnicutt said in her nomination letter about Pierce who teaches at Guthrie High School.

“He is someone both the students and faculty rely upon. He is gentle and understanding with the freshmen he teaches.”

Students are often found in Pierce’s class before school begins.

“He’s not just an all-star sports alum, he is an all-star in our English department and in the school,” Hunnicut added.

“Mr. Bennett is an absolute blessing”

Juana Benson has been in the Guthrie school district for 19 years, including the past five at Faver School, and says she has “never” seen anyone with the compassion and drive as Bennett possesses.

Bennett, a school-based social worker, has implanted a reward system at Faver as he closely watches the progress of the student’s personal and academic status.

“He sees who has made the biggest strides throughout the semester – and from his own pocket – acknowledges the achievements,” Benson said. The first-semester winner took home a pair of Air Pods.

Bennett was recently found in the hallway with JROTC students learning the proper way to salute.

Benson adds that Bennett is always a phone call away when needed by the staff at Faver.

“Darian is not afraid to take control of a bad situation and make it better. His talents range from crisis intervention all the way to a simple classroom pull-out and a ‘what’s up with your work?’ We at Faver cannot thank Mr. Bennett enough for his help and support.”

Each was presented with a plaque and a $25 Sonic gift card for their recognition.

Juana Benson nominated Darian Bennett for the Support Staff Employee of the Month.


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