Renew vehicle registrations, order birth certificates now online

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — The state of Oklahoma announced the launch of a new digital solution for residents to quickly and conveniently renew their vehicle registrations and order birth certificates. This innovative solution, myOklahoma, consolidates and delivers multiple government services in a single place, providing a personalized, modern experience. myOklahoma was created in partnership with Kansas City-based GovTech leader PayIt.


“It’s always an honor to partner with government agencies aiming to better assist the constituents that they serve,“ said John Thomson, CEO and Founder of PayIt. “We are excited to provide online services for the state, and look forward to the continued growth of digital services for Oklahoma constituents,” continued Thomson.

Through myOklahoma, the state is introducing a modern approach to government interaction which will serve as the foundation for a more efficient and transparent experience for Oklahoma residents. This solution enables users to create a centralized profile that will securely hold their general and payment information, which will result in faster renewals and save residents a trip to their local government offices.

“Through this new app and online service, Oklahomans will be able to request birth certificates and renew their vehicle tags, creating a more efficient, accessible and secure process,” expressed Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma Governor. He continued, “This new digital tool will also play a vital role in helping Oklahomans prepare to transition to REAL ID driver’s license later this year, as each person will need to provide a government-issued identity document as part of the new, federally-mandated application process.”

The goal is for myOklahoma to provide services from every level of government within the state. To start, myOklahoma will offer residents the ability to renew vehicle registrations and order birth certificates directly from the application or website. The myOklahoma vehicle registration renewal will provide users with a valid, digital version of their vehicle registration.

“This a significant accomplishment for the State of Oklahoma to have three of the largest agencies, the Oklahoma Tax Commission, Department of Health and Department of Public Safety all working together to provide better systems and processes for citizens,” said David Ostrowe, Secretary of Digital Transformation and Administration.  “We will continue to encourage collaboration amongst state agencies to provide centralized services in the most convenient manner.”

Innovations like myOklahoma have alleviated in-office wait times and calls to government support staff. This digital transformation gives government staff a more effective way to communicate with residents through email notifications, such as vehicle registration renewal and expiration reminders.

For more information, visit or download on the App Store or Google Play Store.


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