Report: Explosion within grow facility sends two people to the hospital

Updated on Thursday, April 27 — Report: Investigators have confirmed that this is an illegal marijuana grow operation.

The State Fire Marshals Office says the property did not have any building or construction permits. According to investigators, the facility did not have medical marijuana permits.

Investigators also found butane gas inside the facility.

More to come.

Two men were taken to an Oklahoma City hospital Thursday afternoon with burns to their bodies following a report of an explosion inside a marijuana grow facility.

Dark smoke could be seen from miles away as a grow facility erupted in flames in southern Logan County.

The facility, located on Charter Oak Road just east of Sooner Road, caught fire before 4 p.m.

Multiple fire crews from Oak Cliff, Edmond, and Deer Creek fought the blaze from the exterior before making their way inside.

In addition, deputies with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office and an agent with the ATF were on the scene.

Guthrie EMS transported the burn victims to Baptist Hospital.

The initial report at the scene is that both men received second to third degrees burns on 30 to 50 percent of their bodies. Their condition remains unknown as of Thursday evening.

The exact cause of the fire, or reported explosion, also remains unknown at this time.


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