Swim beach coming to area lake

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With a generous donation and a change of rules, citizens will soon reap the benefit of swimming at a Guthrie lake.

The Guthrie Parks Board recently changed the rules at Liberty Lake to now allow swimming.

According to City Manager Matt Mueller, city crews have been working to create a formal swim area.

“The location reflects the area recommended by the consulting group completing the Liberty Lake master plan and should be a nice addition to the area when it is complete,” Mueller said.

Dolese, who has been a community partner in the project, has offered the city 640 tons of sand to get the beach going.

Currently, crews are working to create a smooth transition for a swim area and will be bringing in the sand when that is complete.

2 Comments on "Swim beach coming to area lake"

  1. It surely won’t be as much fun for the kids swimming in the lake as it was when they were sneaking in and avoiding the lake patrol.

  2. Neat idea. Hope they get all the old fish hooks and lures out that people have lost in there over the years before it opens.

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