The Peak: Business incubator and entrepreneurial services through Meridian Tech 

Meridian Technology Center is excited to begin serving entrepreneurs at The Peak at our South Campus in Guthrie. The Peak is where your entrepreneurial dream and our expertise intersect to help startups grow. The South Campus has an 11,000-square-foot space dedicated to helping startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout their journey to become successful businesses.  

As any entrepreneur can attest, starting a business is no easy task. While business owners know the ins and outs of their product or service, oftentimes, they need the added skills, knowledge and environment that an incubator can provide. Whether you’re in the early exploration phase of a business idea or ready to make your mark in the market, The Peak is where you can ground and grow your business. 

By designing a facility that is adaptive to the needs of small businesses, The Peak eliminates many of the typical distractions and expenses that come with renting a commercial facility. The incubator provides a fully furnished office or industrial bay, fiber internet, endless coffee, private meeting spaces and one-on-one consulting. For industrial-focused startups, The Peak offers three light manufacturing bays equipped with a storage room and office. Businesses that are ideal for incubation in The Peak are owned by individuals who are receptive to coaching and feedback, have a business that is scalable and have a product that is market ready.    

We know it takes more than an initial business plan and an office space to keep an organization running smoothly. Through one-on-one consulting, we can help you overcome whatever obstacle is holding your business back and form a plan of action to get you where you want to go. We can also assist in developing or improving your business plan or your product development and marketing strategies. These services are included for incubator tenants and offered to businesses in the community. 

We offer several programs and classes for entrepreneurs, ranging from classroom training to programs. One class we will be offering regularly is How to Start a Business: Seven Steps to Launch a Company with Confidence and Pitfalls to Avoid. This no-cost, two-hour class covers basic questions you should answer before deciding to start a business. We plan to add co-working space to our services this fall.  

As Guthrie and the Meridian district grow, these services will give entrepreneurs the tools they need to grow as well. Meridian Technology Center is ready to help you elevate your business venture at The Peak. 

Justin Hazzard is the Director of Business and Entrepreneurial Services at Meridian Technology Center. The team assists entrepreneurs and business owners in launching and growing their businesses. For more information, visit or call 405.377.3334. 


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