Video: City work crews begin repairing collapse line on Wentz St.

The City of Guthrie’s Street and Line departments began repairing the collapsed storm water line under Wentz St. The collapsed line caused a dip in the roadway.

The north and southbound US-77/N. Wentz St. will be closed between E. Warner Ave. and E. College Ave. until Wednesday to repair the drainage line.


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  1. Concerned Citizen 1 | November 6, 2019 at 6:01 pm | Reply

    Wow no OSHA safety here. Those men in the hole should have a trench box Incase the hole falls in. I would fire there supervisor. Adopt a safety program be fore someone dies. The city always seems to open these selfs up to so much liability. Unbelievable. I’ll be at OSHA employee Casita pictures and start writing files minimal fine for that is $7000. Maybe a OSHA employee will see the pictures and start writing a fine..a fine for that is $7000 to $25,0000. If I was an employee I would go find a accident attorney and sue for Jeopardizing my life. Wake up city of Guthrie.

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