Voter ID bill passes Elections and Ethics committee

OKLAHOMA CITY – House Bill 3677, authored by Roberts, deals with securing Oklahoma elections. The bill would require the Secretary of State to verify voters driver license and/or social security numbers when registering to vote. The bill also makes it a crime to block or remove a poll watcher from the polls when counting votes or when machines are being updated.

“An id is required to buy alcohol, board an airplane and buy certain cold medicines, so I do not understand why some are so opposed to verifying the identification that is provided by a voter when registering to vote,” Roberts said. “Oklahoma citizens are the only individuals who should be voting in Oklahoma elections, period. Requiring a valid driver license number or social security number, something every American citizen has, to be provided at registration is not an undue burden and will help make our elections more safe and secure.”

According to the Oklahoma State Election Board, 104,004 current registered Oklahoma voters have neither a driver license or social security number listed with their voter registration. HB 3677 passed 6-2 and is now eligible to be heard on the House floor.


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