Watch: GPS support staff greeted with cheer from community members

The support staff with Guthrie Public Schools were once again how much they are appreciated by the public and school officials.

The Guthrie Chamber of Commerce, along with community members and school administrators, took the trolley to each school building and showed their appreciation with cheers, signs, thank you’s, drinks and an abundance of snack foods.

The plan was simple by the Chamber’s Education and Workforce Committee, but a sincere heartfelt thanks was felt for all the efforts the support staff does to ensure things run smoothly for the school system.

Chamber member Alane Zannotti said, “the main purpose of the committee is to provide a direct link between the work world and the schools. We value the Guthrie Public School System and want to enhance relationships and promote partnerships with businesses and the schools.”

With each stop, cafeteria workers, janitors, teachers’ aides and secretaries were greeted with signs and cheering from chamber investors and board members. The support staff went onto the trolley where it was stocked with snacks and drinks.


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