Watch: Hoboken Coffee Roasters hosts new music video series in Guthrie

The Tiny Town Concert Series is a new video project out of Guthrie, Oklahoma. Each episode features an Oklahoma songwriter playing one of their original tunes at Hoboken Coffee Roasters.

Chelsey Cope and Joel Mosman were the first two artists featured, and plans are to release a new video about once a month.

The series is a collaborative project by Trey Woods, owner of Hoboken Coffee Roasters, Clark Underwood, owner of The Visual Brain,and Justin Fortney, Tourism Director for the City of Guthrie.

“These artists pour their heart out in song while baristas off camera continue to pour cappuccinos for unsuspecting customers who had no idea they’d hear a brilliant song performed live that morning. It feels intimate and world changing all at the same time,” Woods said.

Clark Underwood, the owner of The Visual Brain, says “The Tiny Town Concerts are exciting to create because they are intimate and honest showcases of live music in a living space.” 

City of Guthrie’s Tourism Director, Justin Fortney, appreciates the coffee shop sharing their space.

“I love that Hoboken Coffee Roasters is making it possible for these artists to share one of their tunes in this atmosphere,” Fortney said. “Each songwriter gives us a little glimpse into the creation of their song, and it feels like a coffee shop conversation that kinda coincidently involves a really talented person playing a song for you.”

“Southeast on a Tuesday” by Chelsey Cope:

“Francisco and Lorena” by Joel Mosman:


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