Water plant flushing fire hydrants could cause discolored water

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The Guthrie Water Treatment Plant personnel began flushing fire hydrants on Friday as part as routine maintenance. As result, some residents may see some sediments in their water.

The flushing of the hydrants will stir up the residue in the lines so residents may see sediments in their water. Those residents may call 282-8400 and a work order will be taken to have the hydrant flushed again.

Although the water may not be visually appealing, it is safe to drink and continues to meet all federal and state drinking water standards. There is no health hazard associated with the discolored water.

By discharging a large volume of water through a fire hydrant, water flow within the pipeline is increased. This increased flow actually scours the inside of the pipeline, removing and then transporting silt and mineral deposits out of the water system.


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