4-H Club cleans up Charter Oak Elementary School

Pictured (L-R) is Zander Hornbuckle, Luke Allen, Ryan Mostrom, Gena White, Jada Cleek, Audrey Allen, Megan Gibson, Molly Gibson, Marion Stewart, Bella White, and Austin White.

By Megan Gibson
Special to Guthrie News Page


Recently, 12 members from the South Logan County (SoLoCo) 4-H Club met at the Charter Oak Elementary School to pick up trash.  They showed their love for their community by using the event to clean up the school. 

The group split up into groups and scanned the premises from playground to parking lot, separating the recycling from the trash. 

An activity like this is one that can be done while practicing social distancing.  Gloves and hand sanitizer were provided to ensure further safety. 

According to Susan Allen, SoLoCo Club Leader, they will be “adopting” Charter Oak Elementary and will meet on a monthly basis to clean up their local school. These 4-H’ers truly love the community of Guthrie.  They are committed to working hard to keep it clean and inviting as we all know it to be. 

To date, approximately 52 gallons of trash has been collected.

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