All aboard! Metapedia travels to the Railroad Museum

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After spending decades near Guthrie Lake, the Canadian Pacific Metapedia Business Coach rolled out of town on Highway 33 toward the Railroad Museum.

Guthrie pioneer Kenneth Mitchell donated the train car to the Railroad Museum in Perkins, Okla. The train made a slow move out of a town with an escort with the Guthrie Police Department. The escort left the lake, made the move down on Sooner Road to Division and finally onto the highway.

Mitchell TrainFor years, both young and old always forward to seeing the Metapedia when they traveled to and from Guthrie Lake.

As the train made its way through town, several on lookers took time to snap photos of the unusual wide load. Although with some tricky turns, the Metapedia made it safely out of town despite a few minor traffic backups. Photo Gallery

It has so much history and nostalgia from inception to today,” John Mitchell the son of Kenneth said. “It was an executive car for some of the most powerful men in Canada, Canadian Pacific executives and later the Prime Minister of Canada family.”

Kenneth Mitchell fell in love with trains as his grandfather was an engineer on the Santa Fe railroad and the Inter Urban train that ran through Guthrie from Enid to Ada.

The Mitchell family bought the acreage near the family home at Guthrie Lake.

“If you had an opportunity to see the interior of this gem you will know how much it means to the Mitchell family,” John Mitchell said.


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