BOCC amends audit on former commissioner

The Logan County Board of County Commissioners agreed to amend an investigative audit on former commissioner Mike Pearson. The move will now possibly save the county several thousands of dollars.

In a 2-1 vote in January, the BOCC approved an investigation into possible fraud, waste or abuse concerning previous financial management, requiring district residents to pay for road maintenance, mismanagement of lease purchase contracts, and unauthorized and undocumented cash funds.

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Commissioners Marven Goodman and Kody Ellis approved the audit to be conducted by the State Auditor and Inspector’s Office, while Monty Piearcy voted against the measure. Related article: Commissioners call for investigative audit on former county commissioner

However, in the Feb. 3 BOCC special meeting, an amended letter of engagement with SA&I was approved 3-0 by the BOCC.

The amendment will include a review of the lease purchase agreements into the turnover/exit audit at no additional cost to the county in lieu of an investigative audit as previously requested.

An investigate audit can range up to an estimated $30,000 through the SA&I. The estimated cost for the turnover audit is estimated at $3,400, which is required by state law.

View the audit letter here.

“I think that was a good compromise,” Goodman said on the amendment with Ellis nodding his head in agreement.

The brief conversation is held at the beginning of the video below this article.


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